Too often in today's business atmosphere, I hear the same buzz phrases of "our customers come first" or "we stand for good customer service", when the reality could not be farther from the truth. However, your company and staff apparently believe in these phrases and proved that you stand behind them in a situation that occurred this past week. I am thrilled to be writing this letter of commendation for such outstanding customer service!

Two weeks ago, my brother ordered a tuxedo package from your company and was so pleased with the quality and value that he could not wait to show us the "deal" he had found. Consequently, my husband and I decided to order a tuxedo package from you as well, because it truly was a great deal. Our order was placed on February 10th with overnight shipping for arrival in time for a Mardi Gras ball to be held on February 14th. Because my husband was out of town he did not have the opportunity to try anything on until the evening of February 12th. Unfortunately, the jacket he received was mis-sized and did not fit. I called your company and spoke with customer service about the situation. The representative was amazingly helpful and unhesitatingly said she would send another jacket out overnight, Saturday delivery so that we would have it in time for the ball on Saturday night. Further, she waived the overnight shipping charge and included a return label to use for shipping the mis-sized jacket back. It was such a pleasure to deal with someone so helpful, who did not blow me off, suggest that I was wrong about the sizing or act like it was too much trouble to help in such a short period of time. She just fixed the problem! As a result, I ordered more merchandise and increased the sale!

To say that I am amazed at the level of customer service I received is really an understatement. Your staff is your company's biggest asset. Thank you, Thank you Thank you.

Lisa R. - 2/04

Thank you for all your help.  Your service was exceptionally outstanding and the items purchased was well received by my son.  The vest and shirt fits perfectly like it was tailored made.  I appreciate the fact that you took the time to make sure I was making the right decision about my purchase.

WOW!!!  WOW!!! WOW!!! That's all I can say about the service at UniformalWearhouse.Com  I was absolutely at a lost when I was preparing to purchase prom attire  for my son who's prom is May 3rd.  He wanted a red & black paisley fitted full vest with matching bowtie.  My husband and my son went to the three stores on Saturday, April 26th and could not find what he wanted.  One store wanted to charge him $100 for a vest and bowtie.  I got desperate and decided to go online to purchase it.  A familiar store (JCPenny) had the vest & tie he wanted but unfortunately they had no more in stock.  I eventually stumbled across your site and saw what I wanted at a shockingly affordable price.  I got excited until I saw the area code and began to wonder where on earth was the items coming from and would the product be of good quality.  I was not convinced that this would work so I decided to check out a few other sites that I was vaguely familiar with but once again, their prices were too high.  I even called the JCPenny store that was close to where I lived just to see if at all possible the items would be in their store and it wasn't.  I'm in a panic mode now.  That was Saturday.
I knew I was running out of time so I went back to your site on Sunday, placed the items in the cart at least three times with reservations.  I did not place the order then but I decided to do was an area code search and found out that the company was located in New Jersey and I was somewhat relieved.  I still did not place the order.
By Monday morning, at 10 a.m., I decided to place the order still with reservations.  I spoke to Mr. Phil and he was amazingly helpful with making sure I picked the right sizes based on the information I gave him.  After speaking with him, I placed the order and he assured me that the items purchased would work and if not, the exchange process would be swift.  I asked what the time frame was for me getting the items and he told me that I should receive the items in no more than two days.
To my surprise I received the items the next day at 4 p.m.  Talk about fast service!  I rushed to open the package praying that I wouldn't be disappointed.  I was soooooooooo relieved when I saw the items.  The vibrant color of the vest took my breath away and I went from fearful to excitement.  I asked my son to try the vest and shirt on.  The vest and shirt fit my son perfectly; like they were tailored made.  The quality of the items is excellent.  I am going to recommend the site to all my friends and family.Now I can relax and enjoy of one the most exciting days of my son's life; His SENIOR PROM which is Saturday, May 3rd.  Thanks Mr. Phil!

Lady B. - 04/14

Simply put, you guys are AWESOME. My order arrived 3 days after ordering it. That was the first wow. I, like most men, ordered the incorrect size. Called and talked with Phil. Second wow. What a great customer service department you have. Third wow. Overall I find the Uniformalwearhouse excellent to do business with. Thanks for the service you render for your customer. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Customer service is the name of the game and you guys are well ahead of the rest of the pack.
Many thanks

Jim W. - 07/13

I received my white dinner jacket today and it is outstanding. Jacket fits nice, color of material is great. I can't wait to wear it on my carnival cruise for new years eve.
I will sing your praises from the roof top.

James C. - 06/14

I just received a fedora that I purchased online from your company and I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the hat. I wasn't sure what kind of quality I was going to get for the price that I paid, but the hat exceeded all of my expectations. I searched dozens of websites before deciding on your company and I now feel that I made a wise selection. Many of the hats I looked at had the word "crushable" in their description and I was picturing something floppy and sloppy looking. The hat that you sent me was neither. Thanks again for sending me a quality hat at an affordable price. I'm glad that I "bought American".

Brian D. - 07/12

Our testimony is about the quality of the basic tuxedo shirt.  My teenage son wears it at least twice a month for music performances and it washes nicely.  I iron it because I don't have a dryer.  After a year it still looks new.  So nice to get quality at such an affordable price.  We'll be ordering the next size soon.

Merrie V.. - 03/10

Hi, I just want to give your team my sincere thanks. My order arrived today, less than 7 days after ordering, to Perth, Western Australia.
I am delighted with the Tuxedo outfit, your service was fantastic, the price is unbelievable, and it was all packaged really well. I will highly recommend your store to anyone, and will be back myself.

William D. - 07/12

I just received a fedora that I purchased online from your company and I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the hat. I wasn't sure what kind of quality I was going to get for the price that I paid, but the hat exceeded all of my expectations. I searched dozens of websites before deciding on your company and I now feel that I made a wise selection. Many of the hats I looked at had the word "crushable" in their description and I was picturing something floppy and sloppy looking. The hat that you sent me was neither. Thanks again for sending me a quality hat at an affordable price. I'm glad that I "bought American".

Brian D. - 07/12

You guys rock! Six days ago I ordered a tux for my husband and was quite prepared that it might not arrive before New year's Eve.It arrived today - international BTW- and everything we ordered is just great. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

Cathrine F. - 12/11

Just wanted to say thank you for the great service.  I am the drum major for Culpeper County High School band in Culpeper, VA.  I needed a full tails tuxedo to wear for our marching competitions.  The only issue was that I had not communicated how soon I would need the tux to my Mom.  My Mom found your website, called and ordered it on Monday, and the tux was delivered on Wednesday.  This gave my us plenty of time to hem the pants and have it show ready by Saturday.  We were able to substitute a black bowtie and get the black/silver cufflinks.  I really appreciate being able to order the items I wanted and getting them so quickly.  I have recommended you to my friends and family.  Thanks again!

Zach P. - 09/11

SERVICE EXCELLANCE - I recently ordered my formal wear from you company to much of my surprize. With the tring times and competition many companies have taken short cuts in both products and services prodvided. Your companys, service quality and fast service, shipping web suite needs far surpass the rest in the industry. The items were of top quality, price, and true to sizing. even the shipping ,time frame and boxs arrived as promised. I shall use your services again and again and recommend them to all my travel cruisemates in need of formal wear. Thanks again.

Alan H. - 08/11

GREAT SERVICE EVEN TO IRELAND... I just wanted to say that you have exceeded every possible expectation I could have had. I admit I set the bar low - ordering a tux online sight unseen and I am a really big guy - I was desperate for a Tux I was asked to give my little sister away at her wedding (our father had passed and I am the oldest brother) Anyway other sites started at three times the price and there was nothing locally available. I am so impressed with my purchase and got so many compliments at my sister's wedding you will undoubtedly recieve some business because I spoke so highly of your company and product line. Outstanding in every way thanks for making this special event - more special!
P.S. I am going to wear that same tux on a two week cruise this summer celebrating my 25th anniversary! I am so proud of how I look in it I might wear it on "non-formal" nights.

Tony F. - 04/11

I am so fortunate to have found your website on some obscure blog about Tuxedos. I am speaking at a European conference in the UK which will be followed by an awards dinner and I needed a new Tuxedo shirt.  I had a number of issues and you were the perfect site to sort them all out. Some of these issues were that I am living/working in Ireland and unfortunately there is not enough demand for a superb website like yours with an amazing range of products. Another issue is that I have very long arms but with your collar and sleeve size selection everything worked out perfectly. I ordered my shirt and received it within 5 working days TO IRELAND!!! Amazing. Thank you so much and I will be spreading the good word about your site to all my friends, family and work colleagues. Wishing you many more years of business success. I will be back.

Derek R. - 03/11

Last Saturday I ordered a tuxedo package with an additonal shirt, bowtie and cufflink & stud set online from The order was shipped Monday morning and I received it on Tuesday. Can't ask for better shipping than that.When I opened the box, I found the tux and other items were carefully packed and in perfect condition. Can't ask for better packing than that When I took the tux out to try it on, it was so much nicer than I imagined , especially when the price for the package was only $166.95. It's beautiful and everything was high quality.
This has to be one of the most satisfying purchases I've experienced buying either online or through a catlogue. I'm so pleased with the entire transacation and greatly appreciate the incredbile service.
Dave M. - 04/08

 This email is just a letter of commendations for the outstanding and prompt service that I have received at Uniformalwearhouse.  I went into this relationship with a tainted perception of online formal wear companies after being  jilted and deceived by another company.  After speaking to the representative at uniformalwearhouse, she encouraged me that everything would be handled in a timely and professional manner.  I have to say that everything was delivered as stated, and I would recommend to any of my friends or colleagues for the exchange that I have experienced and quality of merchandise.
Andrew H. - 09/09

I am e-mailing to share my appreciation of one of the associates on your call center. His name is Phil and I spoke with him earlier today. I ordered a Harrison Raider Fedora last week for my 7 year old son - who recently discovered the 'old' Indiana Jones movies that I watched when I was young. When I placed the order, the woman assured me that it would arrive in time. Unfortunately, something happened with UPS and his hat is now somewhere north of Missouri. Phil was very helpful - he explained the issue, and listened very patiently as I expressed my concern and asked for help. I asked for the tracking number and the phone number to UPS as I planned to call them and find out how to get the hat here by tomorrow (the hat is a gift for my son). Phil offered to call UPS for me and find out what could be done, and then called me back to let me know that he would process a request to overnight a new hat to us at no additional charge. If this is the type of service that your teams always offer - way to go. Phil certainly made my day - and my sons day! Thank you very much, and please share my appreciation with him again when you receive this.

CJ T. - 06/08

Incredible service. I simply cannot fathom how you managed to ship my order to Australia within 2 working days!!  Not only do you offer the best value on tuxedos, shirts, vests and all accessories, but you are also the best in service. I am astounded at the delivery time, the perfect  accuracy of the order and the quality of the goods therein.

I will be happily telling my friends and colleagues where to get all of their formalwear in future! What a wonderful online shopping experience ­ thank you to all the team who make shopping with your company such a pleasure for customers. Best regards

Simon H. - 12/09

I have ordered several times and have been pleased each time.  The prices are excellent, shipping is fast.  I received your package the next morning after ordering.  I will continue to use and recommend your service.  Excellent, excellent service.  I am very pleased.  Thank you guys!

K.M. - 11/09

I ordered a tux yesterday and it arrived today! Thanks so much, everything fits great, and I'm going to tell all the moms I know to get their son's prom tuxes thru you.

Barb S. - 12/09

Customer Service Applause...
I am just writing to say how wonderful my experience was ordering through Uniformalwearhouse. Your customer service representatives are prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly enough to make me order from your company in the future. Thanks!

Elisa R. - 02/08

Once again I have received exactly what I wanted, exactly when I needed it. Many thanks. Making me look great makes me feel great.

Kurt O. - 08/09

I just wanted to brag on your excellent service... Three days ago I ordered a second and third color of your Masonic backless formal vests. In the couple of years that have passed since I bought my first one you have gone from real to faux pockets. But I have several fine pocket watches and like to wear a watch chain with an appropriate fob on my formal vests. So, in your "special requests" blank I asked you to check your stock to see if you couldn't ship me vests with real pockets. My vests arrived in two days! And the red one -- the one that really mattered to me -- has pockets! Now that's service! Thank you!
Edward S. - 07/08

I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for helping to make our wedding day in Sedona the perfect day!!!!!! The first pair of pants we got with the tux was too small and you came through with flying colors- you had the pants shipped even with a bad storm to our Resort- they arrived 2 days before the wedding- hemmed and all!!!!!
You folks are the best!!!!!!!!

PS- Check out some pictures- amazing that we were able to get such a great fit by ordering over the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Marcia T. - 03/08

I cannot thank you enough for your excellent customer service and wonderful generosity in replacing my bow tie that was lost due to hurricane Katrina. We ended up having our wedding last weekend as scheduled, only it was in Houston rather than New Orleans. It was a truly memorable and special day for us, and I looked and felt great thanks in no small part to your assistance with my tie. I greatly appreciate all you have done for us and will no doubt return to your site for all my future formal wear purchases.

Very best regards,
Andrew F. - 10/05

THANKS FROM A HAPPY DAD! My son came home today and the tuxedo pants came as well. He really likes them. This has made us very happy. As usual your shipping time is second to none. I was wishing the pants would come today (Thurs) but wasn't sure. You people are great. My son's competition is this week-end and he will look good in his new pants and bow ties. I will continue to buy from you people and I am telling so many people about your company. I really appreciate all you have done.

James S. - 11/07

You guys are awesome!
I just wanted to thank you so much for sending me the tux - all tailored, with just a few days notice. It was crunch-time, and you came through big time! Tux looks great and I really appreciate your coming through for me.

Dr. David L. - 11/07

Very nice product at a very good price with **GREAT** customer service. The prompt, same-day shipping was especially appreciated because it helped me be prepared for a performance at a major fundraising show. THANKS!!!

Tom B. - 11/07

Aloha! Just wanted to thank you for rushing the tux shirt and shoes. They arrived right on time and made the performance fabulous! We will order from you all again and spread the word. Thanks again.

Debra L. - 04/07

I wanted to take time out to thank all of the people connected with my recent purchase of a tuxedo package. I have worn several tuxes in years past,but never owned one. I was very surprised and satisfied with the price and the items included in the package.Delivery was as promised and the condition also as promised.The fit was perfect,almost a tailored fit, It really was complete after I had the trousers hemmed.I bought this for my wifes upcoming birthday,which I plan to pick her up from work and take her to one of here favorite places. I was also very satisfied with the quality of the garments. I even ordered another shirt today so I could have a choice of collars.Bottom line is job well done and keep up the good work and I will recommend your company and will buy in the future.

Arlan H. - 03/06

I just wanted to tell you how very impressed I am with your company. Your customer service was excellent and your prices were second to none. Fact is, your prices may be too low. I didn't think there was any way possible that I would be satisfied with the quality of a tuxedo at this low a price. But I was blown away with the quality when I received it.

John R. - 7/07

Just thought I'd drop you a line to tell you how pleased I was with the product and the service. The Tuxedo Package was first class and fit even though you did the pants alteration for me. You recommended taking it to a tailor but I did not have the time. To my pleasant surprise the cost was about $30 dollars more than the rentals that the rest of the wedding party had and I get to keep it! Thanks again.

Joe K. - 04/06

I appreciate your knowledge and kindness. You represent your company well. Please forward this note to whomever would like to hear how good a job you do, or, if you get me an e-mail address, I'd be happy to make that contact directly.

Richard K. - 12/06

I received my top hat and I am extremely pleased with the quality.  The felt is well crafted and the styling is beautiful.  I made an excellent choice in purchasing this with you.

David T. - 05/06

Hi there.  I just had to get back in touch with you to comment on the superb service which your company has given me.  I ordered 2 shirts on the 13th and they were delivered to me, here in the UK on the 15th !!!  Absolutely brilliant !!!  This is probably a better service than I would have received from a mail order company here in Britain.
Your products are good, your service is second to none and I would heartily recommend you to anyone and everyone.  Again many thanks and I will surely be in touch very soon with another order.

Terry B. - 11/06

EXCELLENT customer service.  Such a valuable asset that's very hard to find these days!  Makes me appreciate it even more.

Have a good day,
- 12/03

Just a short note to say thanks for the very speedy completion of my order. I was very satisfied with the goods.

Many Thanks,
Sam M. - 03/04

I wanted to say thank you for processing my order quickly and easily. I received my order the other day and I was very happy with the products. I am a big guy and I drive a limo for a living your company provided excellent quality formal wear. Your company was 70% cheaper than supposed wholesale internet companies. Thank you again I will be buying more products from your company shortly.

Matt - 3/05

To Whom It May Concern,
I'd like to take this opportunity to let you all know just how pleased we were with our recent purchase, quick delivery, and even quicker exchange. I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking to purchase a tuxedo. Our son made a good choice and looked outstanding in his new tux. Thanks again for making this possible.
Janet G. - 03/05

I received my order this morning. I truly appreciate the excellent service that I received from you and Uniformalwerehouse. I look forward to doing business with you again.

Josh - 3/05

You folks are absolutely FANTASTIC!  Ordered my tails on 2/24; delivered on 2/28 to Hawaii!  Precisely as advertised, great delivery, fast turnaround.  I am recommending you to everyone I meet!  I only wish more businesses truly understood that "customer service" is something you DO, not just two words that you print with your phone number attached when there is a problem! The best customer service is having NO PROBLEMS IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Robert W. - 02/05

Thanks for providing such great service. You really went the extra mile to get the merchandise that I needed and in time. Thanks so much! I will put you all in our Rolodex and spread the word.

Rhonda - 02/05

Dear friends: Thank you so much for being such an excellent store!  My hat is beyond my expectations of quality, and USA made also!!  Prompt delivery just made it that much better. The tie is fine too. Now I have to learn to tie it! You folks will certainly be hearing from me regarding future hat or formalwear needs, and I may be able to steer some more business your way by word of mouth. Thanks again, and may God bless you all.

Rev. James G. - 02/05

I just wanted to take a minute and drop you an email to tell you how pleased I am with my purchase.  Everything is of great quality and fits perfectly.  And cheap!!! I will be telling everyone at the wedding where to get a great deal on a tux.  Stop renting them and buy one!
David C. - 02/05

I just had to write and tell you what a wonderful experience I had with your company.  We searched the web for vests for our eight-piece band and your product was by far the most reasonably priced and the easiest website to navigate.  Placing the order was easy and they were received so quickly!  The vests are great - everyone was pleased to wear theirs, which is some kind of accomplishment when you are outfitting eight people!  Well done ~ thanks so much!

Bobbi C. - 12/04

Hi..Thank you for the really fast service. Subj order is dated 1/22, and I recvd on 11/24. This is almost above and beyond!
I worked in customer service for 29 years, and must say that you fellas are doing it absolutely SUPER!

H. Jones - 11/04

I just want to tell you that I received the two tuxedo packages that I ordered and they are lovely.  The tuxedo's look great.  I will do business with you again.  I will be purchasing a women's tuxedo pant package in the future. Thanks.

Shelley A. - 11/04

Just wanted to thank you for the recent order I received. I need this vest/tie for the father of the bride at my wedding Saturday. If it was not here or arrived with the incorrect color/size it would have caused more stress to an already stressful situation. I appreciate the effort and am greateful that it arrived 1 day earlier than promised.

Armand C. - 7/04

I am thoroughly pleased with the Tux package. It looks great and is of excellent quality. I have showed it to several of my friends.  You will get a few orders from the Saint Augustine Fl area.  Keep up the good work.
Frank W. - 7/04

I received my order today and was absolutely delighted with the quality of the tuxedo, the speed of delivery, and the ease of ordering. You guys are doing a great job and I am saving your info to order again. Thanks for great service!

L. Lewis - 6/03

I just received the vest and matching tie I ordered. Thank you. From start to finish, you more than exceeded my expectations. The website was completely easy to navigate, the ordering process couldn't have been smoother, the delivery was right on time, and the price was unbeatable.
For under $40., I have a whole new tuxedo. Great!

Mark A. - 8/03

I just want to congratulate you guys on a job well done. I received the hat and spats today and not only did they fit perfectly, but they were in pristine condition as well. I did not expect the package to arrive so quickly even with 3-5 day air service. All transactions should be this efficient and effortless for the consumer. Just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work.

Joe T. - 8/03

Thank you so much for your quick responses.  EXCELLENT customer service.  Such a valuable asset that's very hard to find these days!  Makes me appreciate it even more.

Sherry - 12/03

I appreciate your candor and helpfulness!  I will definitely shop with you again.

Reed O. - 1/04

Thank you for the excellent quality goods I have received in a shipment­it's like Christmas has come early. :) I have been punished locally with an import duty and VAT, but still it came out much cheaper, than if I had bought it here. Thank you very much once again, you have one very satisfied customer across the Pond,

Andrew - 12/03

I received my order. Right shirts, right color, right sizes, and definitely the RIGHT price.  I usually buy my own shirts, even though a similar product is provided by my employer a Las Vegas casino, I am a dealer in a strip casino.  And, the primary location in Las Vegas for dealer stuff sells tux shirts for more than 2X your price.  Your quality is as good or better.
I am impressed with your company and shipping promises.  Thank you very much.

JS - 1/04

I just wanted to thank you again for the great tux. I bought it from you last year and have worn it on 5 different occasions. My daughter thought it was neat that her Dad could wear a tux to the Father Daughter Ball. I also enjoyed wearing it in a Jack Benny re-creation odl time radio show put on for the seniors at my church.

Thank you again,

Darrel L. - 1/04

I want you to know how pleased I was with the recent purchase of a shirt, tie & vest from your company. 
Just so you know, a couple days after placing my order (via internet),  I was contacted by one of your representatives and advised that the vest they had hoped to ship had a stitching problem and that it would be a few days before a new one would be available.  The employee was concerned that I may have a important event to attend, and would not have the item in time. How considerate! 
As it turns out, the function I was to attend was more than a week away, so time was not an issue. I found all of the items to be of very good quality and at an extremely competitive price. The vest (whose fit can always be a problem) fit just perfectly. 
As one who spent almost 20 years in sales & marketing and oftentimes dealing with client complaints (I'm now an  attorney and live in the world of conflicts) was always good to hear about good client experiences.  Mine was one of those good experiences.   I'll rely on your company again for future purchases.

With this kind of service, your company will flourish. Thanks.
Barry G. - 2/04

Your prices are great and your shipping practices are second to none. I will note your company as a reasonable and reliable source for any formal costume attire we need in the future.

Kerri - 3/04

Just a short note to say thanks for the very speedy completion of my order. I was very satisfied with the goods.
Many Thanks

Sam M. - 3/04

I ordered a set of studs, to be delivered overnight so that they could be here today. I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived yesterday afternoon! The promptness of your staff has saved me the hassle of getting to a local mall and paying outrageous prices for studs in the middle of my concert set up and dress rehearsals. Thank you all so much!

Christopher T. - 5/04

Just wanted to thank you for the recent order I received. I need this vest/tie for the father of the bride at my wedding Saturday. If it was not here or arrived with the incorrect color/size it would have caused more stress to an already stressful situation. I appreciate the effort and am greateful that it arrived 1 day earlier than promised.

Armand C. - 7/04